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Who is Charzele?

★ Charzele – A Chicago native music artist, raised on the westside of Chicago, is a highly detailed and motivated audio-visual artist and youth programmer who comes from many of the same values and struggles as the youth he helps. A Clinical Counseling Student and Art graduate, Charzele has a strong passion for community wellness, music and Black hiphop culture. Charzele founded ReRightTFS in 2014, starting off as Basketball mentor on the South Side of Chicago at Barbershop Rap. Although highly focused on the liberation of Art and social justice, he soon began teaching digital media infused with many Hiphop modules. Graduating with his Art degree, he soon began working with community organization, Beyond Rhythm & Rhyme from 2015-2017 as a digital content teacher; wrote and received a grant to work with the (Westside branch) of Collins High-school & Afterschool Matters from 2017-2018. Inspired by his entrepreneurial mother, He took a break from working in schools to run his program from his own production studio, True Features Studios, from 2018 – 2021. Expanding his social network and organizational staff, he formulated an long-awaited partnership with Computer Coding & Wellness company: Over-Inertia to bring youth programming to Dyett High-School with KoCo [Kenwood – Oaklawn Community Organization] in 2021; to now be working with Duke Ellington Elementary School & Bronzeville Historical Society as an Authorized Chicago Public Schools & Chicago Park District Vendor.

With his melodic & story-telling driven approach to music, a large amount of his work deals with scenarios of love, life obstacles, being a better person, father and bring solutions to the harsh realities of Black culture.

From listening his mom and grandmother cook to electric Soul jams then clean to straight 90’s R&B, his balance came from riding around his neighborhood with his father playing gangsta and revolutionary Rap songs.

After a long wait, finding self, more music is on the way.